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 Post subject: Windows XP SP3 2011 Paradise Edition CD & DVD
PostPosted: 12. Dec 2010, 17:54 
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Windows XP SP3 2011 Paradise Edition CD & DVD[/url]

[quote="thanhlaoong"] Windows XP SP3 2011 Paradise Edition CD & DVD


Windows XP SP3 2011 Paradise Edition CD & DVD
Size : 695.62+893.33 Mb
Windows XP SP3 2011 Paradise Edition represents a system-programming the assembly based on the corporate version of the distribution of the operating system Windows XP Professional SP3 Russian. In the assembly of integrated all released on the official release date for the critical updates, made optimization of the system by registry settings, add new drivers and additional components required to complete the work of the whole system and follow the installation and operation of third-party programs. CD and DVD version of an assembly distinguished by the presence and absence of the drivers.

The assembly:

- UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus - all critical updates for December 2010
- Internet Explorer 7.0.6000.21293 plus critical updates for December 2010
- Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 plus critical updates for December 2010
- Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5280, and critical updates for December 2010
- Integrated set of drivers to support SCSI, SATA, RAID controllers
- DirectX 9.29.1962 June 2010 - update components of multimedia libraries
- Microsoft. NET Framework 1.1 SP1 + KB867460 + KB2416447 - component of the system
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 + 2008 + 2010 Redistributable Package ALL Versions
- Additional system libraries and drivers needed to run programs
- Adobe Flash Player - support for flash-animation applications
- Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.50917.0 - Image of Web applications and media content
- Shockwave Player - vector technology 3D-graphics, Flash-games
- Bug fixes officially localized Windows XP SP3 Russian
- UxTheme - patched to be able to use unsigned themes
- Increase the limit of simultaneous incomplete (half-open) connections
- Protection of the Task Manager and Registry Editor from blocking viruses
- Inclusion of the possibility of deploying software RAID 5
- Recovery Console admin - pass the password prompt in Recovery Console
- Removal of the window after using Msconfig, and reboot
- Fixed bug with cursor "palm" when the themes
- Vipravleno v?dobrazhennya ukra?nsko? kirilichno? l?teri II in DOS dodatkah
- Vipravleno cannot klav?aturi: add an apostrophe ['] on natisnenn? klav?sh? [`]
- Strange Ukrainian, ???? ?????? matematichna that ???? ?????? transl?terovana
- System and user environment variables are made in C: \ Temp
- Some registry tweaks to speed up and optimize the system
- Beautiful TrueType fonts (50 fonts)
- Kracivye theme system (10 themes)
- Kracivye wallpapers (10 wallpapers)
- Kracivye avatar users (40 avatars)
- Kracivye screen savers (10 keepers)
- Nice mouse (20 circuits cursors)

Preset the user (during installation, you can change):
- Renamed administrator - DreamAdmin, guest - Guest
- Default User - Dream Admin (administrator)
- Username - DreamWolf, password - 123 (not required for entry)
- Computer name - Paradise, a working group - DreamLair
- Registration name - Paradise, the organization - DreamLair

Zashruzochny module:
- Install OS in automatic mode with the specified answer file
- Install OS in a semiautomatic mode with manual adjustment
- Hiren's BootCD 12.0 Restored Edition - All in one Bootable CD
- FixNTLDR - restoration of damaged NTLDR file in the system

Driver (with options):
<!--spoiler_text-->- Driver Installer Assistant Adia 2.10.28
- NVIDIA ForceWare 258.96, 07/09/2010,
- NVIDIA ForceWare 93.71, 10/22/2006,
- NVIDIA ForceWare 45.23, 07/28/2003,
- ATI Radeon Catalyst 09/10/2010, 8.780.0.0000 (10.10)
- ATI Radeon Catalyst 02/10/2010, 8.593.100.0000 (10.2)
- ATI Radeon Catalyst 04/12/2010, 8.730.0.0000
- ATI Radeon Catalyst pre-9500 05/03/2006, (6.5)
- ATI Display Driver 01/14/2000,
- ATI Display Driver 02/28/2002, 5.10.2600.6010
- ATI RAGE 128/128 PRO 09/26/2001, 6.13.3279.0
- ATI Mobility Radeon M1 06/16/2002,
- ATI Tray Tools Beta - ATI Control Panel
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 12/03/2009,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 08/13/2010,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 08/02/2010,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 01/13/2010,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 02/15/2008,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 01/13/2007,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 02/07/2006,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 09/20/2005,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 06/21/2005,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 08/20/2004,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 07/23/2002,
- Intel Corporation graphics adapter 04/25/2010,

- Realtek AC'97 09/24/2008, (A4.06)
- Realtek HD Audio 10/05/2010, (R2.53)
- Realtek HD Audio 12/03/2009,
- ATI HDMI Audio 05/24/2010,
- KX Audio Driver 09/18/2009, 5.00.3550 Beta
- NVIDIA Audio Driver 04/13/2005, 6.14.0462.0
- NVIDIA Azalia / HDMI Audio 09/07/2010,
- Audio Drivers Creative, SoundMAX, C-Media, VIA etc

- Chipset Drivers - set of drivers for different chipsets
- LAN Drivers - a set of drivers for network cards
- Wi-Fi Drivers - driver set wireless network cards
- SATA-RAID Drivers - set of drivers for the controller
- AMD - 3.1.1540.127
- Intel -
- JMicron
- NForce -
- SiS - 5.1.1039.3020
- VIA - 5.1.6000.581<!--spoiler_text_end-->

Program (with a choice during installation):
- Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 SP2 + KB958481 + KB976576 + KB979909 + KB983583
- Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0 SP2 + KB958483 + KB980723 + KB982168 + KB2418241
- Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 + KB958484 + KB963707 + KB971276 + KB982306 + KB982865 + KB2416473
- Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0 + KB2416472
- Java Runtime Environment - a minimal implementation of the virtual machine required to run and execution of Java-based applications without the compiler.
- NVIDIA PhysX System Software WHQL 9.10.0514 - a powerful physics engine provides realistic physics in real time in games.
- Process Killer 1.4.2 - very small and undemanding to resources manager processes running on the hot keys and knows how to stop the services.
- Total Commander MicroLair 2010.11 - software package based on the popular file manager, a complete replacement of the base of the conductor.
- Unlocker 1.9.0 - software that can unlock almost any file busy in the operating system that is used by another process.
- User Profile Hive Cleanup Service beta - utility control computer in the process of unloading the user profile and zakryvatiya public resources.
- WinRAR 4.00.b2 - the best universal data logger with an optimal ratio between quality and compression of time, knows how to pack in rar and zip.
- XPRight - network settings - activate the guest ***, the exclusion from the list to deny access to this computer from the network and adding to the access list.

Removed from the distribution:
- The extra files left by mistake in the distribution SP3
- Unused installation folder Docs, Support, Valuead
-. NET Framework 1.0 (in assembling a more recent version)
- Files to upgrade to Windows XP versions of Windows 9x
- Obsolete codec Intel Indeo (codec is better to put fresh)
- Drivers for video adapters from Intel and NVIDIA (added fresh)
- Drivers for older audokarty (added fresh version)
- Drivers for network adapters (added fresh version)
- Drivers of vintage cards XirCom / RocketPort, ISDN-adapters
- Application Windows Messenger instant messaging network
- Annex MSN Explorer for easy access to the Internet
- Tutorials, mouse, WMP, and Introduction to Windows
- Examples of audio and video and photo of game controllers
- Ckiny standard playlists and WMP, the music first boot
- Background images Wallpapers and screensavers screensavers

Registry Settings:
- Fix problems with displaying Cyrillic in the programs.
- Substitution of fonts for correct display of the Cyrillic alphabet.
- Fix problem with print dialog disable the computer.
- Chastoispolzuemye command in the menu "Run."
- Otobpazhenie cvedeny o pazmepe faylov in pop podckazkax papok.
- Displaying point to Administrative Tools in Control Panel.
- Sorting the Start Menu and Favorites in alphabetical poryadke.
- Accelerating the Start menu, reducing the delay fallout menu.
- English keyboard layout is displayed by default.
- Switching the keyboard layout to "CTRL + SHIFT".
- Slightly increased the speed of movement of the mouse pointer.
- Copy-pasting with the mouse on the command line and from it.
- Change the color of the console - green on black background.
- Teams register-unregister from the context menu dll-and OCX files.
- Opening of the NFO-file with Notepad.
- Enable word wrap in Notepad.
- Disabling Internet search when opening a file with unknown extension.
- Disabled the phrase "Shortcut to" when creating new shortcuts.
- Remove the item "Other topics on the Internet" in the menu to the desktop.
- Turn off invitation "Introduction to Windows".
- Disabling search for drivers on Windows Update.
- Disable prompting for unsigned drivers.
- Prevent the MRT to send reports to Microsoft.
- Disabling Safely Remove Hardware SATA.
- Disable checking of disk space.
- Disable the Desktop Cleanup.
- Disable screen saver during the run defrag.
- Remove hidden user Alexa Spyware.
- Disable the Indexing Service.
- Otobrazhaenie pacshipeniya for zapegictpipovannyx tipov faylov.
- Turn off display when you select a transparent rectangle.
- Enable shadow casting icon on the desktop.
- Turn off Slide taskbar buttons.
- Turn off display window contents while dragging.
- Enable smoothing the irregularities of screen fonts.
- Turn off slip and damping menu.
- Turn off effects for menus and tooltips.
- Turn off the animation window Minimize and restore.
- More commands in context menu "My Computer".
- Off the record the last access to the files to speed up NTFS.
- Reduction of large fragmented files on the disk.
- Increase the size of the cache to store icons.
- Disable scheduled tasks and printers on remote computers.
- Configure IE has been completed.
- Disable error reporting IE.
- Display of the menu bar.
- Display of the menu bar in IE above the address bar.
- Increased number of simultaneous downloads for IE to 10.
- Turn off messages on completion of downloads.
- Opening of the pop-up messages in a new tab.
- Disable warning when opening a local HTML-files.
- Unlocking the Local Machine security zone in IE.
- Automatic replacement of popular domains.
- Disable output license Windows Media Player.
- Disable update Windows Media Player via the Internet.
- Disable identify Windows Media Player on Internet sites.
- Disable automatic codec download Windows Media Player.
- Disable the use of Windows Media Player in the on-line directories.
- Disable sending reports about the Windows Media Player from Microsoft.
- Disable WMP to create a shortcut on the desktop and Quick Launch toolbar.
- Enable the built-in Windows Media Player MP3-codec.

Added the following updates:
- Microsoft Calculator Plus
- Windows Update Agent 7.4.7600.229
- Microsoft Update 7.4.7600.226
- Auto Update Client
- Tweek registry instead of MRT (KB890830)
- BaseCSP - Package Base CSP smart card (KB909520)
- GPPC - Customer Group Policy preference extensions for Microsoft Windows XP (KB943729)
- ExFAT - Support for file system exFAT (KB955704)
- IMAPI2 - Image Mastering API v2.0 (KB932716, KB952011)
- LLTD - Defendant Topology Discovery link-layer (KB922120)
- MSXML4 - Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 SP3 (KB973685)
- MU - Microsoft Update
- PkgInst - The Package Installer (KB898461)
- RDC7 - Connection Client Remote Desktop 7.0 (KB969084)
- Rootsupd - Root Certificates Update (KB931125)
- WAAPI - Library Windows Automation API (KB971513)

- Internet Explorer 7.0.6000.21293 + KB938127, KB2360131
- Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 + KB976662, KB981332, KB2362765, KB2360131
- WMP 11.0.5721.5280 + KB935957, KB954155, KB973442, KB973540, KB978695, KB975558

- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 and 2008 and 2010 Redistributable Package:
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 x86 Redistributable - 8.0.50727.42
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 x86 Redistributable - 8.0.50727.762
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 x86 Redistributable - 8.0.50727.4053
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 x86 Redistributable - 9.0.21022.8
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 x86 Redistributable - 9.0.21022.218
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 x86 Redistributable - 9.0.30411.0
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 x86 Redistributable - 9.0.30729.17
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 x86 Redistributable - 9.0.30729.4148
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 x86 Redistributable - 10.0.30319

Unofficial RE - informal updates:
- KB889320 - When you disable the Windows Firewall service performance Service Computer Browser stops after five minutes and Event Viewer logs event ID 7023.
- KB948277 - A blank desktop may appear when you log on to a Windows XP-based computer.
- KB950616 - An audio application that uses the Portcls.sys file may stop responding when you run the audio application on a computer that is running Windows XP.
- KB951624 - A 30-second delay occurs during the initialization of some network-based applications when Windows XP starts.
- KB953028 - On a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, an application experiences an access violation and then crashes if the computer has more than four cores or more than four logical processors.
- KB954434 - A multiprocessor computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows XP stops responding on a black screen after you resume the computer from hibernation.
- KB958149 - Performance decreases when you stream isochronous data on a Windows-based computer that has a Texas Instruments (TI) IEEE 1394 host controller installed.
- KB958244 - The system may stop responding when you restart a Windows XP-based multicore computer.
- KB959465 - Write protection does not always work on SD memory cards that are plugged into a computer that runs Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008.
- KB960970 - An IEEE 1394 network adapter that is installed on a Windows XP-based computer is not listed in Device Manager.
- KB961187 - If you reconnect a removable storage device to a computer that is running Windows XP, the operating system cannot find the removable storage device.
- KB968764 - Streaming USB 1.1 devices that are connected to an external USB 2.0 hub behave incorrectly on a Windows XP-based, Windows Vista-based, or Windows Server 2008-based computer.
- KB969238 - A data transfer is corrupted when you transfer data from or to a USB device on a computer that is running Windows XP.
- KB969557 - When you use the Windows Key + L keyboard sequence to lock a Windows XP-based computer shortly after you log on to the system, the operating system may be automatically unlocked and the desktop can be accessed.
- KB970685 - Error message when you try to access an SD card on a Windows XP-based computer that has a particular combination of SD host controller and SD card: "The disk in drive is not formatted".

MD5: 4113205FA6615EABD9B623936B296AB4
SHA1: 8C13757D3EB4BBD9B0374F63D243AA9C90445FAB

MD5: 341FBE9E4E2DCF9B7085425DBAD480A5

Released: 2010
Platform: x86
Language: Multilanguage
Medicine: not required
Size: 695.62/893.33 Mb

Link Never Die (If links die, I Will reupload at here)
No pass.

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