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PostPosted: 19. Sep 2010, 16:56 
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Spark 10.4 | 3.87 GB
Spark - a generator of good mood, a positive solution that combines a lot of exciting games of different genres, a set of

advanced multimedia applications and free operating system for personal computers, in one distribution. The system has an

impressive intuitive with lots of memorable 3D desktop effects. Spark is part of an innovative open source project "Blue

Bird", and developed in an open community for everyone.
Features and advantages of this solution:
* Tight integration with the Russian-language Internet resources and information services
* Each new edition contains a new set of preinstalled games
* Unmatched Functionality - Spark contains many (more than 40 games) and all needed to work with a computer program out of

the box
* High economic efficiency of free software (you can quite legally and free to download and install any version of the

* The system is not exposed to viruses and other malware that infest the Windows platform
* Differs low compared to Windows Vista / 7 hardware requirements and higher system performance
* Spark is a convenient manager to automatically download updates and install new programs in the system, with easy

cataloging and detailed description of each program
* Implements impressive, do not leave anyone indifferent to the effects of user interface (3-dimensional desktops to the

faces of the cube, weather and natural effects, flexible, windows, etc.)
* Can work without installing anything on your hard disk in a special mode "living system" (you can play almost the full

functionality of the system directly from the installation CD or live USB drive without installation on the hard drive)

More about the features:
The main innovation of this issue - the beginning of the campaign for the integration of Russian information resources and

Internet services in the system of the project "Blue Bird. Now the project is integrated off-line catalog with thematic

links to the most popular and interesting domestic sites. A feature of this directory is its easy accessibility to users,

because it will be integrated into the main menu and the main browser systems project.

Interface Media Center
Spark is positioned not only as a home entertainment system, but also as a basis for multimedia center. Therefore, in each

issue are offered various options for the interface, adapted for ease of use all the functions of the platform as a media

center. 10.4 Spark offers your choice of three options for the system interface:
1) Liquid (GNOME) - suitable for use on an ordinary PC with mouse and keyboard control
2) KDE - classical surroundings desktop PC with mouse and keyboard control
3) Liquid UNE - environment suitable for use on the basis of the media center, as well as touch-monitor and control tablet

laptop computer.
To select the environment, it is necessary to the login screen, after entering the login interface to select your

preferred option on the bottom of the drop-down list.

Advanced multimedia capabilities
The system pre-installed many codecs to support virtually all popular media formats, and special libraries to support the

technology hardware accelerated video output High Definition (HD): VA API (AMD) and VDPAU (NVIDIA). To enable hardware

acceleration on your video card, make sure that the card supports this technology, to install the proprietary driver from

the manufacturer of video technology to support and select the appropriate output driver image in the settings of the

video player.
In addition, under license from the Adobe plug-in added to the system for processing FLASH animations on web pages,

sparing you from routine duties to his setup.

A new set of free games
A total of 45 pre-release of this game. More than half the games have not been published in previous issues of the

platform. Along with the local games in the present network and FLASH games, for which you want to connect to the


Design and decoration
Completely reworked graphic design and logo Wyntre Spark, compared with the previous release.

Functionality and Technology
Compared with previous releases, Iskra 10.4 has become even faster and more responsive system. Many users, accustomed to

the Windows OS should surprise the download speed of the system and basic functionality. Added support for new devices and

laptops, fixes found in previous editions of failures, updated preset programs and added new, significantly extending the

list of possibilities Wyntre Spark.

In this release 45 games. Additionally, you can install hundreds more free games from the Internet repository, using the

built installer program. Most popular games for the platform Windows (for example, StarCraft 2) successfully working in

the system Spark surrounded WINE1.3. Home game this release Nexuiz - sverhdinamichny free shooter with a high-tech

graphics and cutting-edge special effects. Also, before debutant on the list of free software projects - a real time

strategy - 0.AD, sources which have recently been discovered by developers under the GPL.

Full list of games release by categories:
Action (Action):
Nexuiz - 3D shooter with multiplayer support
Sauerbraten - 3D shooter with multiplayer support
Teeworlds - online 2D shooter with cartoon graphics and funny characters (LAN / Internet)
Tanchiki (Battle Tanks) - sverhdinamichny tank shooter with excellent graphics and music
Airstrike (AirStrike) - arcade aerial combat
Chromium BSU - space shooter with excellent graphics
Primary - fantastic adventures in the world of colors (FLASH)
Portal - puzzles with portals. Analog revolutionary game from Valve (FLASH)

0 A.D. - War in prehistoric times
BosWars - military strategy in real time in the style of C & C
Wars urchins (HedgeWars) - step by step tactical game, similar worms
Warzone 2100 - post-nuclear RTS
WideLands - economic strategy in the style of Settlers
Battle for Wesnoth - a turn-based strategy in a fantasy
Transport Tycoon (OpenTTD) - Economic Strategy, the development of transport network
War of civilizations - an exciting strategy game with excellent graphics gameplay and RPG elements (FLASH)
Farm Kleytusov - an excellent strategy in the style TowerDefence (FLASH)


World of manna (The Mana World) - MMORPG in a fantasy
Adventures of Dink (Dink) - a humorous fantasy role-playing game in the style of Zelda
Arkaz (Arcuz) - role playing game fantasy (FLASH)
Royal Island - role playing game fantasy, analog Diablo (FLASH)
Adventures of a barbarian - a stylish walker with many levels (FLASH)

Biloba - a board game for one or more players
K-Blocks - similar to Tetris
Klotski - move the blocks to the desired location
Lebi - learn how to program in a game with ants and spiders
Mahjong - Chinese fishechnye Solitaire
Primrose - to take the field with colorful chips
Minesweeper - a classic game in the identification of mines
Sudoku - the Japanese numerical puzzle Crossword
Test of the brain - a lot of tests to determine the quality of your intellect
Tetravex - collect puzzle pieces
Kvadrapassl - similar to Tetris
Color code - similar to the game MasterMind

PySol FCE - a huge collection of card and board games
Solitaires (KPatience) - a collection of card solitaire games
Solitaires Aysleriot - a collection of card solitaire games
Poker Texas Hold'em - the most popular poker

Billiards - Billiard three-dimensional simulations 8 and 9 ki-ki
Castle Hlotsa - walker with a mystical plot
Icicles (FrozenBubble) - split colored balls
Motocross (Xmoto) - Spend a rider on rough terrain
Penguins (Pingus) - guiding migration of penguins. Analog games Leming
Tennis - free simulation game of tennis
Tux - Racer extremals. Downhill Penguin from the mountains

The system preinstalled well balanced set of the most popular programs, the majority of users. Support programs for the

Windows platform is implemented with the help of WINE 1.3, as well as the virtual machine VirtualBox OSE.

The list of preinstalled programs on the categories:
Internet and network (27):
Browser Mozilla FireFox 3.6, Browser Konqueror, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, Kmail, QutIM, Pidgin, Kopete, Quassel IRC,

QuteCom, Ekiga, Deluge, KTorrent, Transmission, EiskaltDC, Linux DC, gFTP, GNOME PPP, KPPP, Terminal Server Client, View

remote desktops, KRDC, Tork, Wicd, Krfb, firewalls FireStarter, PPPoE conf

Graphics (8):
GIMP2.6, Editor PDF, GwenView, XSane, GNOME EYE, Easy Scan, OCR YAGF CuneiForm, Draw

Multimedia (22):
VLC, XINE, MPlayer, Totem, Dragon, Avidemux, Pitivi, XvidCap, Amarok, Rhythmbox, Audacity, LMMS, SoundKonverter, Sound,

k3b, Brasero, IsoMaster, DVD: Rip, DVD Styler, ManDVD, dvdisaster, AcetoneISO

Office (13): 3.2: word processing, spreadsheets, formulas, Presentations, Drawing, Kaddressbook, Okular, KOrganizer,

Ktimetracker, Kontact, GNUCash, KMyMoney, Dictionaries.

Standard (13):
Krusader, Gnome Do, disk usage analyzer (baobab), Notes Tomboy, File Search, Calculator, archive manager Ark, manager of

passwords and encryption keys, Anti-ClamAV, Character, Text Editor Kate, Gedit, KRename

System (17):
Ubuntu Tweaker, CopmizIcon, AWN, Configuration Editor, System Information, Htop, KSysLog, System Monitor KDE, create a

bootable disk (GTK KDE), KWalletManager, KPackageKit, Dolphin, Yakuake, Konsole, Terminal, VirtualBox OSE

Wyntre Spark is based on the proven reliability and security of a free nucleus of the project GNU Linux. Packet-base -

Ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx (Debian testing).
The complete version of x86-32 includes two Linux 2.6.32-24 generic kernel and Linux 2.6.32-24 generic PAE. PAE kernel

build implements work with 4GB of RAM or more processors that support this feature. If you have less than 4GB of RAM or

processor does not support PAE, you can safely delete the corresponding kernel.

Statistics Release
linux 2.6.32 generic x86
linux 2.6.32 generic-pae x86
Liquid: GNOME 2.30 CompizFusion0.84 AWN
Liquid UNE
Desktop Wallpapers - 84
Theming system - 70
Themes design elements - 165
Topics window frames - 126
Icon Set - 27
Themes mouse - 28
Themes 3D panels - 4
Screen OS - 6
Screensavers - 8

Application and System - 182
Games - 45
Network and Internet - 27
Multimedia - 22
Office - 13
To work with graphics - 8
Drivers in mikrorepozitorii:
NVIDIA 256.44
AMD / ATI fglrx 8.762 (10.8)
Compatibility with other operating systems:
Basic: Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (WINE1.3), as well as Linux-based distributions
Full: Ubuntu 10.04 and projects based on it
Modes of loading an image:
Live System (works without installation)
Checking image integrity
Test memory

Recommended system for installation
x86 CPU 1,2 GHz (and more), 1GB of RAM (and more), OpenGL-compatible video card NVIDIA or ATI 64MB or more, DVD-RW (BR-D)

drive, 30 GB of free hard disk space, Internet connection. For full support of all desktop effects and games recommended

video card is not weaker than the ATI Radeon X1600 or similar from other manufacturers. To play video in high definition

(HD) 1080i/1080p recommended video card is not weaker than the ATI HD2600 or similar from NVIDIA with support VDPAU.

[code] 10.part01.rar 10.part02.rar 10.part03.rar 10.part04.rar 10.part05.rar 10.part06.rar 10.part07.rar 10.part08.rar 10.part09.rar 10.part10.rar 10.part11.rar 10.part12.rar 10.part13.rar 10.part14.rar 10.part15.rar 10.part16.rar 10.part17.rar

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