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 Post subject: Sibelius - 6.2 [IntelKG] MacOSX
PostPosted: 13. Sep 2010, 17:47 
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Sibelius - 6.2 [Intel/KG] MacOSX
Sibelius - 6.2 [Intel/KG] | MacOSX | 2.62GB

Sibelius 6 is a giant leap forward in notation software ? with amazing new features and improvements for educators, students, composers, arrangers, copyists and musicians of all kinds.

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K
OS version: 10.4.11 and later

* No more tidying up scores
* Track changes and compare versions
* Conduct your scores
* Great new sounds ? in no time
* Sync with sequencers and DAWs
* Beautiful Keyboard & Fretboard windows
* Easy chord symbols & guitar diagrams
* Unrivalled pro engraving
* Sell your scores around the world
* Sing in music!

Plus more amazing new features?
* View pages arranged vertically rather than in a row
* Optional stemlets (?half-stems?) for rests in beamed groups
* Quick filters to select rests, Technique text, any staff text, and more
* Notate dynamics automatically using Live Playback velocities

Even more new features
Power tools
Shift-drag moves objects horizontally/vertically
Alt drag or Option-drag moves object without moving attachment position
Ctrl drag or Command-drag suspends Magnetic Layout while moving
Tab advances to next bar when inputting chord symbols
New Keypad button to stop note input or deselect (for smartboards)
View handles ? makes ends of lines etc. easier to select
Use F13-F19 as shortcuts on new Macs

Set duration of and silence after fermatas (pauses), individually or throughout
Double-click fader in Mixer resets it to default position (new since v5.0)
Shift or Ctrl/Command when opening instrument strip opens all similar/all other strips (new since v5.0)
Omit muted staves when exporting MIDI file (option)

Look & feel
Hide particular toolbar buttons
Auto-hide toolbar buttons if insufficient room
Tile multiple open scores (new on Mac)
Move around Symbol and Edit Symbols dialogs with arrow keys, and see symbol names
Smoother zoom with Ctrl mouse wheel
Command mouse wheel zooms on Mac
Better keyboard access for dialogs (e.g. Clefs, Symbols, Key Signature) on Mac
Set paper & desk texture of versions
Many other look & feel improvements

Engraving & notations
Dynamics automatically above vocal staves
Lines split between systems more controllable - e.g. two halves have independent vertical positions and slur/tie shape
Line ends easier to select
Chord symbols appear by default as diagrams on guitar notation staves, chord text on other staves
Tie thickness adjustable
Tuplets always above notes on vocal staves (option)
Accidentals persist after mid-bar clef changes
Width of empty bar varies with bar length (option)
Automatic breve bar rests in 4/2
Special staff spacing for multi-staff instruments (e.g. keyboards, divided winds)
Move rehearsal marks & tempo text up/down without affecting ones on other staves in same place
Better default positions of many text styles and lines
Cross-staff beams improved
Ossia staves improved

Check Redundancies - hides/deletes unnecessary clef/key/time signature changes etc.
Export Each Staff as Audio - for importing into a sequencer
Convert Folder of Scores to Earlier Version
Other plug-ins improved

Network licenses
Easier network installation
Client copies can connect from any IP address
Largest network license now unlimited (previously 255 computers)
Use same preferences for all users of a computer

Other improvements
Many editing operations faster, particularly on large selected passages
Reminds you to save a version when you close a score
Improved manuscript papers for new scores
Auto-select US or European paper sizes for new scores or imported files
Imports octave lines in MusicXML files
Various bugs fixed



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