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 Post subject: PGI Workstation Complete 10.9 x86x64
PostPosted: 20. Sep 2010, 18:05 
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PGI Workstation Complete 10.9 x86/x64 | 604 MB
PGI Workstation includes compilers for Fortran, C / C and development tools for Linux-servers and clusters on the AMD64 platform, and IA32. Set-oriented scientists and engineers and is being used in projects modeling the collision of cars, geophysical and aerodynamic processes in the structural analysis, weather forecasting, in computational chemistry, etc. It is optimized for 64-bit AMD, supports parallel programming technologies OpenMP, includes all extensions of the standard Fortran 95, provides a binary interface X86-64 for dealing with data larger than 2 GB, generates an efficient vector code SSE/SSE2 and contains a library of optimized numeric functions, ACML 2.0.
PGI compilers of the companys Portland Group demonstrate high performance for a variety of applications and tests, such as, for example, SPECfp_base2000, SPECompM2001 and NAS Parallel Benchmarks. PGI Workstation - a set of compilers for workstations and servers based on 32 - and 64-bit processors from Intel and AMD processors with the amount of not more than 4, use the operating system Linux or Windows. PGI Server supports servers with the number of processors to 16 using the operating system Linux. PGI CDK ? (Cluster Development Kit) contains a complete set of software tools to develop applications for clustered systems based on Linux. Provides the highest performance 64-bit applications in areas such as geophysical modeling, mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, chemistry and physics of high energies. Compilers PGF95 ?, PGCC ?, and PGC ? have several advantages over competing solutions. Among them - high speed compiler, integrated graphical tools for debugging and profiling parallel MPI / OpenMP applications PGDBG ? and PGPROF ?, detailed on-line guide to adapt applications for 64-bit architectures and technical support.

The company currently offers three products - PGI Workstation, PGI Server and PGI CDK (Cluster Development Kit). The compiler for workstations PGI Workstation 6.5 can handle multi-processor platforms (up to four processors) in the 32 - and 64-bit operating environments and to perform translation of the original text in the languages C, C and Fortran. In addition, the product makes it relatively easy to port applications that previously created for Unix-based servers and workstations, the new 32 - and 64-bit Linux-platform.

Parallel Fortran, C and C compilers and tools for 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 processor-based Linux and Windows servers
PGI Server-class compilers and tools are for 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 processors processor-based servers with up to 16 multi-core CPUs running Linux or Windows operating systems.
The PGI Server includes PGI high-performance compilers along with the PGDBG ? OpenMP parallel graphical debugger and the PGPROF ? OpenMP parallel graphical performance profiler. Together, they allow multiple users to compile, debug and profile on any compatible computer networked to the system on which the PGI compilers are installed (a network-floating license). Debugging and profiling are limite to a maximum of 16 multi-core processors. Executables produced by PGI Server limit the number of threads that will be used for OpenMP or auto-parallel programs. The maximum is equal to 16 times the number of cores within the processor on which execution is initiated. Executables can be executed on any compatible system regardless of whether the PGI compilers are installed.

Outstanding single-processor performance, uncommon reliability, support for most common extensions, and automatic or user-directed parallelization for shared-memory parallel systems add up to compilers that "just work" for users migrating from RISC / UNIX workstations and servers to 64 - bit AMD64, EM64T or 32-bit x86 processor-based systems. PGI Server Products


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